Finishing belt

Ref. TAP-F

Solutions adapted to your needs, Modular systems for all your cleaning finishing tasks.

The conveyor belts are designed to adapt to your full cleaning line and allow a visual and manual inspection of your garlic heads.

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We can offer several conveyor belts according to your needs:

Each belt is designed with the following components:
A PVC belt driven by a motor reducer 0.25Kw/380V three phase (moto variator is optional)
A central seperation enables a manual selection of the garlic heads by placing the good garlic heads in the center to continue to the next stage (grading)
Everything left on each side of the belt will automatically fall on the waste belt placed underneath.
Standard size of the belt: 600/1000mm x 4500mm
Overhead lights are placed above the working area.
The unit is placed on a frame work mounted with 4 swivelling wheels.


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